What Twitter Can Teach You About EMR

By now you probably know that Twitter is great for communicating with potential customers and creating a public voice for your practice, but did you know that you also can use this social media platform as a real-time news source and learning tool? You can search using hashtags or relevant keywords to pull up all sorts of wonderful information—everything from 140-character op-eds and inspirational stories to advice from the experts and links to the biggest news sources around the world. So what can Twitter teach you about electronic medical record (EMR) systems? Let’s find out.

Adoption statistics:


New news sources:

The future of EMR:

What patients want:

Advice for finding the right vendor:

EMR on an international scale:

Challenges with generalist solutions:

Wondering what else Twitter can teach you? Try using one of these eight top trending healthcare hashtags (according to Leading Reach):

  1. #mhealth (mobile health)
  2. #HITsm (health information technology social media)
  3. #HealthIT (health information technology)
  4. #hcsm (healthcare social media)
  5. #patientengagement
  6. #digitalhealth
  7. #EMR (electronic medical record)
  8. #EHR (electronic health record)