Do you frequently find yourself facing claim denials and payment delays in your physical therapy clinic? Well, you’re not alone. With so many rules and regulatory changes, billing for physical therapy isn’t easy—but it doesn’t have to be a total challenge, either. When you use an integrated EMR and billing system, you can bid “adieu” to these three common billing blunders:

Ciao, Coding Errors

Okay, so you probably won’t get rid of all coding errors—your billers are still human, after all—but a great EMR can dramatically reduce those human errors, thereby greatly improving your claim accuracy. According to this cost-benefit analysis published in the American Journal of Medicine, an EMR is better able to capture charges and can “decrease [billing] errors by 78%.”

Plus, cloud-based EMRs are regularly updated to keep you compliant with all the latest regulatory changes (anyone remember ICD-10?). While that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be familiar with those changes, it does relieve pressure from you and your staff. Plus, it ensures your claims won’t get denied simply for failing to meet a new requirement.

Bye, Bye, Double Data-Entry

An EMR that’s integrated with your billing system isn’t just accurate; it’s efficient, too. reports that using an EMR reduces the time and resources needed for manual charge entry. Right now, you and your staff likely spend way too much valuable time manually entering data into your billing system. That’s a waste of your limited resources. Instead, choose an EMR that allows all your billing data to flow directly from your EMR to your billing software, so you can scrub and submit your claims with greater ease.

Auf Wiedersehen, Slow Cash Flow

The time between saying “aloha” to your claims and, uh, also “aloha” to your payments should be minimal. This analysis of electronic health record systems found that using one of these systems can improve cash flow by:  

  • eliminating billing errors or inaccurate coding
  • reducing outstanding days in accounts receivable and lost or disallowable charges
  • sending automatic reminders to providers and patients about routine health visits

But without an EMR to speed up the process and reduce the above-mentioned errors, you’re stuck floating along at the rate of snail mail. Don’t settle for slow payments. Get an EMR that can offer you complete documentation profiles, built-in prompts to help keep you compliant, and tools and tips to ensure accurate and complete coding.


An EMR designed for physical therapists can help terminate your billing troubles (but don’t discount the importance of having the right billers on your team). When you find the right EMR for your practice, get ready to say “hasta la vista” to your billing headaches and “hello” to improved billing processes.